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This is not IPv6 Training! This is IPv6 Coaching

IPv6 Coaching©. This is the new format for the y2k Training. Everybody would love to get the time for a 3 or a 5 days Training but nobody can afford to leave his or her business for all this time! You got conf call and WebEx that you cannot postpone or cancel and at the same time you want to get the IPv6 Forum Certifications! All pdf documents which are on this server are also on Slideshare.com if unavailable on this server. YOU GOTTA GET IT ! FRENCH LICENSE IS A NIGHMARE.....





10 Reasons to choose your IPv6 Education with IPv6 For LIFE ELearning ?



  1. For the price of a regular training, you can program a session at any time when you are available. If we are both available on Sunday morning between 3:00AM and 7:00AM, let's got for it!

  2. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE WITH your E-Learning Module! I am always on-line with you on Skype to help you if you meet any problem. I am running demo and help during labs! But during the Elearning Session you are in total control of the course pacing you can get back on the same slide 10 times or skip 10 slides that you will see later.

  3. I have all Certifications: CCIE, CCSI, IPv6 Forum Gold Trainer, Engineer, Security Trainer...

  4. I am an IPv6 Forum Test Center. Some Training are Certifying because they got the Quiz embedded. I have designed the Genius Quiz to be a very difficult test at the level of a CCIE for IPv6!

  5. I AM GIVING ALL TRAINING and I AM 200% dedicated to IPv6. You are not with an inexperienced trainer for the basic courses. There is no entry-level courses. All training have the same importance. I believe that you must have a lot of knowledge to give the first IPv6 Training for the studnents to to take a good start! I am not for letting the basic courses in the hands of junior trainers!

  6. The lab uses VMWARE vSphere and CISCO NEXUS Routers. A basic Virtualization Training is included (vSphere) with all Training for no additional cost!

  7. The Lab is connected to the Internet with Public Addresses and real DNS Domains! Labs are in real conditions!

  8. The Lab is always provided and supported for weeks (multiple of 7 days). The lab is supported 24 hours 7 days at all time. Give me a call if I am not on Skype and I will help you. You will not get stucked before a VM hung and you are blocked on a test you were working for 6 hours! You call and we solve your problem!

  9. The Courses are continuously updated, each student is unique and deserve a customized material and we limit the number of attendees to 4 groups of 2 or 3 students so you never wait for an answer!

  10. The First E-LEarning Course is Hacking and Securing IPv6! Very deep low-level explanation of the protocols and labs with very popular tools and some other not very known but very useful!

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IPv6 Forum is freedom!

I am more than happy to help the IPv6 Forum as much as I can because it is a bunch of passionated people like me who are not only making money for our contribution to help the promotion of IPv6!

This Certification will be Great because it is not only a question of marketing to make more $. The first motivation is to make something useful for the whole world of the Internet.

I really think that the IPv6 Forum Certification will be a Great Certification to have in the next coming years!

IPv6 Forum is going to be a very helpful certification for people to know that they are hiring someone who has enough IPv6 Culture and Background to take the responsibilities of a role about Network... Any network as all Networks will be IPv6 running very soon now!




Fred Bovy EIRL - IPv6 For Life!©